Strategic Framework

In 2016, Princeton University’s Board of Trustees adopted a strategic planning framework (.pdf) to guide the University’s ongoing efforts to enhance Princeton’s core commitments to excellence in teaching and research and to such bedrock principles as affordability, diversity, inclusivity, and service. At that time, the board and the administration committed to “conduct a thorough review of the framework and publish an updated version on a quadrennial basis.”

The board chose to complete its review in the spring of 2019 in connection with its April retreat, which occurs once every four years. The board heard updates on major initiatives identified in the framework, examined significant trends relevant to the framework and its goals, considered the state of the University’s academic enterprise and resources, and explored new developments and questions pertinent to the framework’s vitality and deserving of the University’s attention. At its June 2019 meeting, the board adopted an update to the framework (.pdf) that “enthusiastically reaffirmed” its commitment to the 2016 strategic framework and endorsed the continued pursuit of the priorities identified within it.


Strategic Framework Update June 2019 (.pdf)

Princeton University Strategic Framework (.pdf)